China Builds Restrooms Just For Pets

Public Restrooms For Dogs?

It’s already happening in China.

According to the local paper, the Shenzhen Special Zone DailyLuohu District has already built eighty of these pet bathrooms in an effort to help clean up the city streets.

The building of these new pet bathrooms comes before new citywide civility laws go into effect on March 1st. “The Law” lists 10 public behaviors that are deemed uncivilized, like spitting in public or littering. These offenses can lead to fines and community service for violators.

The fine for not cleaning up your pet’s poop will be around $80.00.

Each doggie restroom will be about 10 square feet and will be located in parks and on greenbelts by the sides of roads.

Obviously, reactions to the bathrooms are mixed.

What are your thoughts on this?