12 New Puppy Needs

New Puppy In The House?

New puppy needs

Here is a list of 12 important items you will need when you bring home a new puppy:

  • Collar and name tags: Buy these before you pick up your new puppy. Your pup is not yet trained and wants nothing more than to go out exploring the world. Never take it out without some form of identification.
  • Leash: A regular leash is all that's needed for your new pup. Do not be tempted into getting a retractable - they cause more problems than they are worth.
  • Puppy food: Get a small amount of the food your pup is currently being fed. If you plan on changing their food to a different or higher quality brand of kibble, you should do so slowly - unless you change to the raw diet. See Raw Dog Food.
  • Training treats: It's good to get into the habit of having training treats on hand. Every time the new pup goes to the bathroom outside, giving a treat immediately helps strengthen the learning process, making potty training that much easier. Remember - keep the treats small. 
  • Food and water bowls: I prefer stainless steel bowls. They are cheap and easy to clean. I keep a lot of these bowls on a dish rack and clean them after each meal. You can go as fancy and as expensive as you like with dog bowls, but just remember to clean them often.
  • Poop bags: Lots of them. What goes in will come out. Don't use old plastic shopping bags. It seems pointless to me to pick up a dog poop (which is natural and biodegradable) with a plastic bag that will be around for thousands of years. Use biodegradable dog poop bags
  • Pet stain remover: Nature's Miracle is my choice, but there are many different brands available. When choosing general house cleaning products, try to buy pet friendly ones.
  • Paper towels: Get lots and lots of paper towels. Buy a paper towel company - that's how you're going to feel.
  • Dog crate: A metal dog crate with a moveable divider is a must. The crate will become your new pup's safe place. Crates should not be used as a punishment but should be seen by the dog as a great place to go. The crate will be your best training tool while potty training your new pup.
  • Baby gates: These are the best way to keep your pup in or out of certain areas of the house. They allow you to keep them in areas that are easy to clean and prevent them from getting under your feet while cooking in the kitchen. I prefer the models with a swinging gate - they are much easier to use.
  • Toys: Interactive toys and chew toys are a must for young pups. They lessen the chances of boredom when being left alone and also help when the pups are teething. My favorite is the Kong. You can even use these as a way to feed your pup by placing the food into the Kong and freezing it before hand. I keep 5 or 6 of these in the freezer at all times.
  • Get a dog walker: If you're not going to be around during the day, a dog walker is a must-have part of your puppy training. Your pup will need a potty break at least every 4 hours while they are young. Try petsit.com and use their "Locate A Pet Sitter" search function to help find dog walkers in your area.
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