I am Mark

Hey! You got here! That's a good thing. Just by you seeing this, makes me feel super special. I'm glad you took the time.

Haha. I'm usually not that smarmy. But that's the only thing I can come up with right now.

I'm Mark. I own a very successful dog walking/pet care company. Thepoopedpooch.com

I own four dogs, two cats and about thirty or so fish. All have their own stories and reasons for being here with me. Except the fish. No real story there. They just swim around and look pretty.

I started this blog for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to show people, there was a better way to treat their dogs. Through nutrition, behavior modification, exercise and training. All that malarkey. You know the stuff.

Blarghh. So far it's bored me to tears.

Now I just want to have a little fun. Lighten things up a bit. Not take the doggie world so seriously. As we all know, there are plenty of people doing that already. PLENTY. 

So, I'm over it. From now on, I'll try and post a little here and there. I may even over-share every once in a while.