May 8, 2015

First Aid & CPR Certification Course

Great New First Aid & CPR Course

I know I might be a little biased about this course, but I have tried my best to be as impartial as possible.

I just spent the best part of the morning taking a brand new course developed by my sister-in-law Cara Armour and her business partner James Calihan.

Having taken other pet first aid & CPR classes and being certified by the American Red Cross and Pet Tech, I can honestly say that this is the most in-depth and comprehensive course I have seen. 

If you are a dog walker or pet sitter, this course will greatly improve your knowledge and confidence, helping you to better take care of your clients' pets. If you are a concerned pet parent, this course will help you realize what and how to do if you are ever in a situation were your pet's health may be at risk. Knowing you have the tools and ability to handle any situation should it arise will give you great peace of mind.
This course covers a lot of subject matter, but it does so in a fun and effective learning format.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Below is my cool certificate for completing the program.

Pet First Aid & CPR