Feb 2, 2013

Puppy Warts

Puppy Warts

What Are They And What Can You Do About Them?

The term "puppy wart" is used to describe a benign tumor found on the surface of your dog's skin. They can look like little cauliflowers, skin tags, or even white blisters. These warts are usually present in or around the mouth and on the chin, although occasionally they are found on the eyes and sometimes around the anus. 

Puppy warts are caused by the canine papilloma virus and are highly contagious to other dogs but not to humans. The virus is passed via touch and saliva and can survive for up to 2 months in the environment. Dogs playing together or even sharing toys have the potential to pass the virus to each other.

puppy warts
The name "puppy warts" stems from the fact that they are most commonly found in younger dogs with suppressed imune systems that have not been exposed to the virus. 

Again, these warts are benign, but in some cases they can cause problems for the young dog. They may bleed, become infected, or even become painful to the point that they interfere with the dog's eating habits. 

What Can You Do If Your Dog Has Puppy Warts.

Most vets will tell you to just leave them alone and let them run their course. The only conventional treatment for these types of warts is removal, but this should only be done if the warts are present for an extended period of time (4 months or more) or are affecting the dog's ability to eat.

Some holistic vets say that they have had great success eliminating warts using an immune supplement containing shiitake mushrooms.

Regardless, a healthy dog is more likely to resist this virus. Feed them a high quality food from the start - cheap food will cost you more due to health problems in the long run. 

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