Feb 5, 2013

How Often Do Adult Dogs Need To Go Potty?

How Often Do Adult Dogs Need To Go Potty?

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A few of my clients tell me that their dog only goes out to potty twice a day - early morning and late evening. This always prompts me to ask them if their dog would potty more if taken out more often. Every one of them says yes.

When their dog stays with me at my house, it gets taken out 5 to 6 times a day. They pee almost every time and poop more often than the twice a day they are allowed at their home.

So I am always asking myself, "how often do dogs really need to go out?"

After many years of dog care and dealing with every breed and type, I've discovered that the question should really be, "how often does this dog need to go out?"

Like us, all dogs are different. Some pee more than others, some poop more than others, and just because they can hold it does not mean they should.

Holding pee for an extended period of time can lead to all sorts of problems: urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder infections, interstitial cystitis, and even kidney failure. 

Holding poop in for an extended period of time can cause dogs to become constipated. If the constipation is not dealt with, the dog could end up with an impacted colon - a much more serious problem.

If you can get your dog out for a potty break more often, then go for it. Who knows, it might help you, too - more sunlight on your skin and through your eyes might make you feel better.

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