Feb 6, 2013

For Dogs That Chase Balls

The Pooch Super Bouncer Ball

Product Review

Dog Ball

Let me start by saying that this is not a paid review. The balls you see in the photo were purchased by me.

As we all know, lots of dogs like to chase and catch balls. Of the 30 or so dogs that go to my playgroup daily, about 50% of them love to play fetch. That's a lot of ball throwing. 

In the past, we would buy buckets of tennis balls for the dogs to enjoy, but we noticed that a few of the dogs would destroy them in about 2 minutes flat. My staff and I would have to keep a close eye on these dogs and be constantly on the lookout for pieces of torn-up tennis balls.

This all came to a head one day when one of our clients called to tell us that her dog had pooped out half a tennis ball the night before, and asked if we could watch her a little more closely. Rather than take a chance on anything like this (or worse) happening again, we decided that it would be in our best interest to stop using tennis balls at the park.

The dogs did not like this turn of events, so the search was on for something better. When we found the Pet Buddies Pooch Super Bouncer Ball, we knew we had a winner. 

This ball is solid - almost indestructible -and lasts for months of playing in all types of weather. Even our most aggressive chewers find it difficult to put a dent in it. The "super bouncer" part of its name isn't just hype - the ball bounces amazingly well, even on the uneven gravel surface of our park.

Raw Dog foodIf your dog isn't a natural at fetching, the Pooch Ball is also a great way to help them learn. You can stuff it with treats, making retrieving the ball even more rewarding.

I highly recommend.

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