Jan 17, 2013

Music For Your Dog

Through A Dog's Ear

I was introduced to this album while attending a two-day seminar on separation anxiety in dogs. The seminar covered a number of different possible solutions, from Doggie Prozac to Dog Appeasing Pheromones. It also included this CD. I had heard of and used many of these ideas during my years dealing with dogs, but this music was new to me.

I am normally very skeptical about things of this nature and tend to blow them off without a second look, but the person teaching this seminar was no fool.

Malena DeMartini-Price is an expert in canine separation anxiety. If she was recommending this music, I thought I should take a closer look. 

The day after the seminar, I downloaded the first CD to iTunes and had a listen. "Meh," I thought, "that was a waste of $10.00."

Later that evening, I had a bunch of emails to answer, so I decided to give the music another chance. I put it on and let it play. After about ten minutes, I realized that no one was clamoring to jump onto my lap. I looked over to the sofa. To my surprise, all four of the dogs were sound asleep.  

The next day, I had to go grocery shopping. I decided to leave the music playing on a loop. It couldn't do any harm, so why not? I got home about an hour later, and I expected the usual excited greeting. But it didn't happen this time. Instead, it took them a while to get off the sofa, do their yoga stretches, yawn a few times, then meander over to see me. Certainly not the normal welcome.

Now, anytime I ever have to leave the dogs home alone, I put this on. It pretty much guarantees that I will come home to a much calmer household. 

I will leave all the science as to why this works to the creators, as they have fully explained all this on the website linked here and above. 

I highly recommend.

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