Jan 1, 2013

Every Dog Owner Needs These!

Something Every Dog Owner Should Have!

I still don't understand why some dog owners are lazy and inconsiderate.

Pick up your dog's shit.

It's not OK to let your dog take a crap on the sidewalk and then just walk off like it didn't happen. Pretending you're on the phone and just didn't see it will not fly, either.

It's people like you that make responsible dog owners look bad. 

Are you better than everyone else? Should someone other than you pick up after your dog?

As a dog walker, I've had people yell at me to, "Pick up your shit!"
In my head, I'm saying, "Shut up, I always do." But I understand why they are saying it. Inconsiderate dog owners make people angry, so they take it out on the obvious target - me, the one with all the dogs.   

Get some poop bags, or at least use some grocery bags. I don't really care what you use. Just pick up your dog's crap.

Or try this: The magic poop collector

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