Dec 27, 2012

Adopt A Dog

A Home For The Holidays

Adopt A dog
Ammy In Her New Home

Too often, you hear stories about people receiving puppies as Christmas gifts, only to give them up once they become an inconvenience. It's heartbreaking, but shelters are often overrun with unwanted "presents" (dogs) this time of year. 

In a welcome change of pace, we just heard that friends of ours decided to do it the right way around. The day after Christmas, they went to their local shelter and adopted a dog. This wasn't a rash decision - they had been wanting a dog for years. But we think their timing couldn't have been better! A dog got a second chance at life in a great home, and their shelter had space to help another puppy who showed up unexpectedly under a Christmas tree.

If you're looking to adopt contact
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