Nov 30, 2012

Pocket Full Of Poop

Pocket full of poop

It must have been a really busy day, full of the usual distractions. Phone calls to make or answer. Texts to several people at the same time. A multitude of dogs to pick up and drop off. All the while just trying to stay on schedule.

At last, I got home. I went into the kitchen and got a whiff of what can only be described as poop. I immediately checked my shoes, as most people would.


I looked all around, being careful not to step in anything. I was glad to see there were no land mines. I gave my four dogs a look. Did one of you guys fart? Or did one of you guys poop somewhere in the house? I won't lie, it has happened, usually because of an upset tummy. Not that they aren't house trained - they are. Anyway, it was all clear. No poop.

After feeding the dogs, it was email answering time. I sat at the computer, and the dogs collapsed in their various spots all around me, in all sorts of contorted shapes.

There it was again - the poop smell.

I was convinced someone did something. It was not just a fart. 

I got up and started my search. I went room to room, being sure not to step in anything. Scanned the floor, making sure not to miss an inch.

Nothing, no poop. I guess one of the guys must have been farting up a storm.

Went back to emails. 

The dogs all settled down again. Different shapes in different spots. 

Bam! Poop smell again. 

I leaned over in my chair, getting closer to the dogs on the floor. I was trying to discern the direction of the smell, seeing if I could figure out which dog was doing this. Augh - the smell just got stronger. But it was none of my dogs. Trust me, I know my own dogs smells way too personally. It definitely wasn't one of them. 

Had one of them rolled in poop? That was a possibility. I went over every inch of all four dogs. 


It was at this point that I thought, 'maybe I'm just imagining it.'

I gave up looking and went back to the computer.

As I sat down, what do you know - there was the goddamn poop smell again. I leaned forward once again, but as I did I noticed a lump in my pocket (don't go there). I moved in with my nose, as you do. Phewy - it was a poop, alright.

I guess in all of my rushing around I had managed to put a bag full of poop in my pocket.

What can I tell you. I always pick up after the dogs.

Do you have any funny poop stories?
Post a comment, let me know.


  1. I so needed this post today! lol....hilarious...

  2. Hahaha! Been there, done that! Also found bags of poop in other inappropriate places. My lunch bag once, when I gto home. Must have thrown the cookies out and replaced them with a bag of poop. Sooooooooo disappointing!

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