Nov 14, 2012

Only Scumbags Poison Dogs

Over the last two days, I have received a lot of emails from clients with attachments that read:
  Residents angry over dog poisonings.

Long story short, someone has been leaving cheese laced with rat poison in the South Boston areas frequented by dog owners.

This got me thinking. Why would someone want to poison a dog?

Are the dog owners not picking up poop? I've seen this on many occasions.
Are the dogs being allowed to run off leash, when it's clearly posted that all dogs must be leashed?
Are the dogs barking all day, annoying the rest of the neighborhood?

Whatever the reason, why take it out on the dogs? Most, if not all, dog problems are caused by dog owners. Pick up your dog's shit, keep your dog on a leash where it's required, and don't leave the dog home alone all day. There, all dog problems solved. 

Now, for the scumbag who is poisoning the dogs, grow some balls. 
You must be a coward. 
You can't bring yourself to talk directly to the dog's owners and let them know that you have an issue? Maybe try to work things out in a neighborly manner?
Instead, you just go straight for the rat poison?

Have you stopped to consider what that dog really means to someone? To the bullied kid who believes that the dog is his only friend? To the unemployed guy whose dog gives him something to get up for in the morning? To the teenage girl who needs solace after losing the supposed "love of her life?"  A dog is a friend - maybe the only friend some people know. 

Please remember, dog poisoner - there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Take your frustrations out on them, if you must. 

Leave the dogs alone. 

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