Nov 26, 2012

I Wish My Dogs Could Talk - Not.

Dog park fun, Dog Talk.
Xander and Gidget
Things go wrong with my dogs from time to time:

They get a cut or a scrape.

Have runny poop and an upset stomach.

They come back with a lump on on their face. Maybe a bite or a sting?

The limp that lasts for a couple of hours, then miraculously heals itself.

The projectile puke, with no apparent cause.

Whatever the reason, it's at this point that I wish my dogs could talk.

It would make life so easy. I could understand what happened while off in doggie play-land. We could fix things so quickly. There'd be no guessing games. I could get the right medicine, the right treatment the first time.

Whoa! Slow your roll. Let's get back to reality.

I am so glad my dogs can't talk. It would be just like having another human around. Is that not the reason for having a dog in the first place? They are not humans and can't talk. Yay!

I love my dogs. If they could speak, I might not.

When you come home from work, their whole bodies are wagging because they are so glad to see you. That could never be replaced by a "hey, how are you. How was your day?"

Instead of the frantic tail wagging and exuberant bouncing when it's almost time for dinner, you would get a cursory "I'm hungry." Yet again, I'll take the wagging and bouncing any day.

No thanks - no talking dogs for me.

I love guessing what they are trying to say anyway. During my doggie conversations, I ask them questions, and when no one is looking, I answer for them in my special doggie voice. Tailored specifically for whichever dog I am talking to at that moment. I know you do it too, don't lie.

If they get hurt or feel unwell, of course I feel bad. But if I had a dog like me, and it got sick - Ugh!  I don't think I could deal with that. Listening to me when I'm sick is a full time job.

Yes or no on the talking dog? What do you think?

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