May 13, 2011

I Feed People Food Everyday...

When talking to dog owners' about food, the statement that amuses me the most is "I don't feed my dog people food."

Really?  Why not?  We eat it!

Dogs have been our best friends for over 14,000 years.  History shows that this relationship started when dogs began to hang out around the edges of human settlements, initially scavenging and then being provided with scraps of our food.  Commercial dog food has only been in existence for about 40 years.  Before that, dogs did really well on the same fare that we were eating.  I remember my grandmother sending me to the butcher's for hearts and livers for her spoiled Old English Sheepdog, Che.  If she were alive today, I would tell her to forgo the cooking and just give it to him raw.

The pet food industry spends millions and millions of dollars in advertising.  In today's world of slick marketing, we constantly see the words "natural," "wholesome," and "holistic."  If we take an ingredient, cook it for four hours at 400 degrees until all the nutrients are gone, then re-add vitamins, minerals, and preservatives, is it still wholesome?  They also try to fool us by stating that a protein is the first ingredient.  But if you add up all of the grains that follow (like corn, wheat, barley, rice), the protein actually comes in second.

Our dogs are being fed a substandard diet.  So many dogs that I see are overweight and suffering from allergies, gastrointestinal problems, and diabetes.  The kibble we feed them is packing them with calories but not satisfying their needs.  It's like we're sending them through the fast food drive-through at every meal.  So wouldn't a little healthy "people food" be a better alternative?

Good Foods:
Chicken (raw or cooked), eggs (again, raw or cooked), cottage cheese, carrots, peanut butter, and many more...

Foods to Avoid:
Chocolate, onions, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins, mushrooms, and others...

Raw Food - First
Canned Food - Second
Dehydrated - Third
Table Scraps - Fourth
Kibble - Nowhere Near the Rest

Diet Equals Health
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  1. Good stuff - thanks!

    The thing that trips me up is the "and others" on the foods to avoid. That makes me nervous since I fear the unknown.

  2. i have a list of dangerous foods for dogs .. i agree that natural protein is best for dogs. we just really don't know what's in a commercialized dog food.

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