Mar 4, 2011

Some New Information Regarding Early Spay/Neuter

Behavioral and Physical Effects of Spaying and Neutering Domestic Dogs (Canis familiars) 

This Is the summary:

The above data is just a small sample of the significant data that were determined in this study. By using large a sample of dogs than any used previously to examine behavior in dogs, we found significant correlations between neutering dogs and increases in aggression, fear and anxiety, and excitability, regardless of the age at which the dog was neutered. There were also significant correlations between neutering and decreases in trainability and responsiveness to cues. The other three behavioral categories examined (miscellaneous behavior problems, attachment and attention- seeking behavior, and separation-related behavior) showed some association with neutering, but these differed more substantially depending on the age at which the dog was neutered. The overall trend seen in all these behavioral data was that the earlier the dog was neutered, the more negative the effect on the behavior. A difference in bone length was found between neutered and intact dogs, suggesting that neutering has an effect on bone growth, which may be related to other orthopedic effects documented in the literature. Examination of changes in bone length of gonadectomized dogs is continuing.

The full Article can be found by following this link:


  1. love your dog! looks exactly like my dog! i think the article in the long run may be right, especially in regards to bone growth and other diseases. my husband, who happens to be a doctor, was against neutering the dog for these vary reasons (apparently in humans, the lack of hormones has adverse effects as well). nice article, hope my husband doesn't find it so he can say "i told you so"

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