Mar 26, 2011


OK, so getting back to talking about feeding my dogs the raw diet - my guys have been on raw for about 4 weeks now. Can I say wow, or WOW, or f__k me? Why did I not do this earlier?

In my opinion, the stuff you read about raw being bad is a load of crap (and probably sponsored by the dog food industry).

My guys are already different (better!) dogs all around - calmer, more social, more friendly, better hair, better breath, better teeth. Just ask their dentist friend who asked, "How come their teeth are so clean?" as he picked up his 2 year old dog who already has tooth problems.

My boy Xander has suffered terribly with bouts of pancreatitis - he almost died twice! He's always had terrible trouble with dog food.  So finally, it came to me - give him real food! And now he's fine! That's all it took, just real food.

These results came after only 4 weeks, so doesn't it seem like we are being fed a total stream of misinformation from the dog food companies? I know that raw is probably not going to be for everyone, and a lot of dogs will get by on commercial food, bad breath and teeth included.  But for my guys, raw is the way to go.