Mar 1, 2011

Give The Dog A Bone

Due to the fact that my male dog, Xander, suffers periodically from bouts of Pancreatitis, I have been researching dog nutrition and trying to decide the best way to feed him.

I have read numerous articles about the benefits of feeding the raw diet. I have read just as many articles about the problems with raw diets.  And I have read articles that cover every argument in between.

All of this conflicting information has left me completely confused.

I know cheap dog foods are bad and full of horrific ingredients (some saying even euthanized dogs). But how much better are the expensive foods?

So far, Xander is doing great on one of the most expensive foods available, but would he do even better on raw?

Anyone have any personal views and real life experience with this?

In your comments, please feel free to link to any articles you think I should read.



  1. Humans have changed dogs but, we have only changed their external appearance and temperament, NOT their internal anatomy, physiology or DNA. Dogs and wolves share 99.8% of their mitochondrial DNA (Wayne, R.K. Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family)so why have we introduced commercial kibble and loaded it with crap that we do? Convenience and money are the only reasons. Commercial food has nutrients artificially added where a proper raw diet has it occurring naturally. Why are dogs overweight, diabetic and full of cancer? Same reasons humans are, artificially overly processed foods.

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