Mar 14, 2009

Pee or Puke

You Just Can't Win In This Job

Today I had my little friend Daisy with me to playgroup. I don't know if you remember but Daisy is the dog that gets travel sick very quickly.

So we take her to playgroup.

We have discovered her problem is a vision thing, as long as she can see forward with a little help sometimes turning her head by hand so she faces the direction we are traveling, she is fine and I mean really fine, not even a little drool. As soon as she cant see out of the car, she will start to drool and very quickly throw everything on to my Xfc fabric covered front seat, Xfc means its easy to clean, they say.

Thank god she does not get in my other car.

That's not the story though, just part of it.

We go to the park with Daisy and all the gang, Mark helping me get there as usual.

It's when he leaves that the fun begins, on my way back from the park Mark goes off on his own way to walk other dogs while I drop all the playgroup dogs home.

So, Daisy has the privilege of riding in the front seat, depending on the day and the dogs in group, someone will ride with her.

Today it's Daisy and Luigi yeah.

The short ride from the beach to Daisy's house begins, It's less than a mile.

Out of the parking lot and turned right, no drool, yeah,

Straight down the road for about 300 feet, no drool, oh yeah,

Left turn, no drool, really, wow, last week at this point she had already covered the whole seat with a nice orange glowing mound of stuff but not this week, yeah.

On to the home straight, it looks good, two more minutes and I will get there with no mess. Oh yes, one more turn and I will make it. I turn, all is cool in the car, no clean up today but what, what's that noise? It sounds like water bouncing of cardboard.
I look to my passenger seat not knowing what to think and there it is, Luigi is pissing all over the seat, not just a little pee a lot of pee.

Hey at least Daisy did not puke today and that's a good thing.
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  1. This is funny Mark!! You should post stories up more often. Funny/Disgusting things that happen on a day out! Glad to hear Daisy didnt throw up this time!! ;)

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