Oct 31, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy

Help! My Dog Gets Sick In The Car.

In an email received today, a client asked how to help her dog, (above) not get sick while traveling in the car.

The simple answer is - don't take the dog in the car.

If the answer above will not work for you, and you simply must take your dog in a vehicle, then below are a few tips that have worked in the past both for me and for others.

1. Take the dog on short trips to begin with, getting increasingly longer each time you go out.

2. Bring a dog toy or a Kong filled with peanut butter. This may help keep the dog occupied and less focused on the car ride itself.

3. Place the dog in a travel crate. You can cover it or not depending on your dog's preference.

4. Give the dog some ginger snap cookies 20-30 minutes before the journey. Ginger may help calm the stomach.

5. Let the dog ride in the front or high enough in the back so it can see outside while on the move.

6. Give the dog Dramamine (check with your vet about dosing instructions).

Feel free to combine these tips until you find a solution that works for you - and don't give up!
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